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How to Escape from a Bear (the Market)

  1. Lie still and stay quiet ~ Don’t Run, Don’t Necessarily Sell Out!

  2. Stay where you are and do not climb a tree to escape a bear ~ Keep asset allocation constant and periodically rebalance portfolio.

  3. If you are lying still and the bear attacks, strike back with anything you can ~ If you have some cash, you may want to invest it!

  4. Cry out for HELP ~ Call us before you do something to irritate the Bear.

How to Reach Your Financial Goals

  1. Spend LESS than you make and Invest the Difference.

  2. Invest consistently over time.

  3. Protect your assets with proper Insurance, Wills, and Trusts.

  4. Review your plan and investments periodically (at least Annually).

How to Make Excuses For Not Saving Money

  • I thought that the world was going to end on December 31, 1999.

  • I am too busy owing others to save.

  • Gasoline & electricity are so expensive now.

  • I have children in college; there is nothing left to save.

  • I have supported my children for years. When I get old, they can support me.

  • I am going to marry someone rich.

  • You have to spend money to make money.

  • I am a finalist in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

  • I won the lottery, and I am already loaded.

  • I’ll just bury what money I have in the yard.

  • I would save money, but my spouse spends it all.

How To Protect Your Assests. Do You Have:

  1. Medical (Health) Insurance?

  2. Disability Insurance?

  3. Adequate Homeowner’s Insurance?

  4. Flood Insurance? Most agents will do a review of your policy if you will call.

  5. A Current Texas Will?

  6. A Listing of Your Financial Assets. We can mail you worksheets to help. Do your loved ones know where your completed asset worksheets are located?

  7. Adequate Life Insurance? How much is enough? Are you taking advantage of employer group policies?

  8. Long-Term Care Insurance? Protect your retirement income.

How to Plan, Pursue, Build, and Protect Your Dreams

A good friend and client passed away. He was only 59. He died suddenly, without warning. If that were to happen to you today, are you prepared? Have you looked at your life insurance policies?

  • Who are the primary beneficiaries?

  • Have you considered naming secondary beneficiaries?

  • Is your will as you would like it?

  • Who will care for your children?

  • Who is the beneficiary of your retirement accounts?

  • Do you have secondary beneficiaries?

  • Do you have someone in place who can handle your affairs after you are gone?

  • Is your family adequately provided for?

  • Do you know what it will take to provide for your family to live out their life expectancies?

  • Will they be able to handle a lump sum of money, or do they need a stream of income over time?

How to Evaluate Your Life Insurance Policies

  • When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance policies?

  • Did you know that if you own your life insurance policy it actually inflates your taxable estate?

  • Did you originally buy life insurance to take care of your spouse and now you have enough assets for this goal but now need a cheaper kind of life insurance called Second to Die for estate taxes?

  • Are the owner and beneficiary designations correct? In Texas, after a divorce, you must re-designate your ex-spouse or the ex-spouse will receive nothing.

  • Are the original projections still accurate?

  • Will your life insurance amount meet your goals?

  • Are you finding the policy adequate to stay in force past your life expectancy? What are the interest and mortality rates charged to the policy?

  • Do you pay for supplemental life insurance through your company? It may be more cost effective and certainly portable for you to own your own coverage.

  • Discussing these matters with us will help you make sure that your financial affairs are in order.

How to Consider Long-Term Care Insurance How to Ask the Important Questions

  • What is Your Dream?

  • How do you Picture your Successful Future?

  • What Results would you like to see?

  • Have you Clarified your Vision? Focus.

  • What are the Benefits of Reaching Goal?

  • Which Goal has the most Priority?1-2-3

  • What Preparation do you need to reach your goal?

  • What Skills or Knowledge?

  • Who can Help you? People, groups, etc.

  • Have you Set up a Written Plan? Writing your Dream on paper is a must.

  • With whom have you Shared your Dream?

  • Be accountable will help you stay on track.

How To Invest To Have One Million Dollars ($1,000,000)

  • At Age 15, earning 10%, invest $781 a year for 50 years, at age 65, have $1 Million with a total investment of $39,054.

  • At Age 25, earning 10%, invest $2,054 a year for 40 years, at age 65, have $1 Million with a total investment of $82,160.

  • At Age 35, earning 10%, invest $5,527 a year for 30 years, at age 65, have $1 Million with a total investment of $165,797.

  • At Age 45, earning 10%, invest $15,872 a year for 20 years, at age 65, have $1 Million with a total investment of $317,448.

These examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only.

They do not represent the return on any specific investment.

Your investment results will vary and may lose value.

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