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Technical Writing Made Easier - Books to Read and Apply

When you have something to say, say it well or not at all. You have precious seconds to get past the reader's thoughts of " 'So what?' or by 'And how is this relevant or important to me?'"

If you would like a refresher on good technical writing or perhaps struggle in this area, either way, here are two good books to read and keep on your business bookshelf.

We use these books in our Technical Writing class.

One is "Be a Brilliant Business Writer, Write Well, Write Fast, and Whip the Competition" by Jane Curry and Diana Young.

The other is "The Elements of Technical Writing, The Essential Guide to Writing Clear, Concise Proposals, Reports, Manual, Letters, Memos, and Other Documents in Every Technical Field" by Gary Blake and Robert W. Bly.

Remember when you have something to say, say it well. Give your readers a reason to take action or to reflect and discuss your ideas.

Good luck!

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